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Foto: Ein kleiner Schubladenschrank entsteht


I love tidiness.
Tidiness translated in "woodish" means: Drawer.
Not flap, not door, not panel, not pull-out compartment
- just drawer.
Dovetailed drawers
with hidden underfloor-guides
are balm for my
- from the chaos of my clients - hurted,
but grateful heart of an organizational consultant,
which I am in the real life.
Might be, that compartmentalization
is proscribed ...
But geniuses are more efficient with than without drawers.

Foto: Ein kleiner Schubladenschrank entsteht


Except a bed, a sofa and a cabinet for evening dresses and coats
nobody needs furniture,
that inner width is bigger than 40 inches.
Except objects of art and lamps
I hate bulky things
und avoid it, wherever I can.
Ever since brooms, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and ladders
are available in sizes of a hatbox,
there are only the unavoidable exceptions,
that every good household knows:
bass fiddles, sheperd's crooks, wall bars
and old english longrifles.



On every design I reflect, if I am able to create the project
from as few parts as possible,
that I can use for further projects,
if and how the purpuse can change during usage,
if it fits without any problems in every room,
how small an how contorted ever it might be,
if I can carry the construction comfortable and without damages,
without emptying it out.
I do not build for the moment
but for "Now-and-anytime-anywhere".
Therefore my projects have almost everytime
small bases, are stackable or separable.

Foto: Ein kleiner Schubladenschrank entsteht


To live in the city
has more advantages than disadvantages for me.
A disadvantage are neighbors.
Not because I would hate neighbors,
but because I want to be a considerate neighbor.
The opposite of consideration is a jointer,
that mills down 1/16" of a piece of hardwood.
Therefore I build my furniture
(except a few steps,
for them I use a professionell workshop)
with silent, space-saving
and high-class hand tools.



When I look
into real craftsmens eyes
while working,
I see nothing but self-forgetfulness
and deep concentration.
If ability will be add,
this state for me is
the noblest
that a human can achieve
and my personal goal.

Foto: Ein kleiner Schubladenschrank entsteht


A tree almost grew 100 years,
before I may use it's wood.
I try to do justice to this value
with accuracy during the work.
Because I know, that I will never achieve that,
I choose conscious, wich wood I buy
and support ecological projects.



In my job
well-groomed appearance
is mandatory.
But nevertheless I love my job,
I keep it in my environment as a secret,
that dirty hands of hard work
get involuntarily
more of my respect
than expensive suits.



From premium solid wood,
with classical joinery,

simple and subtle,
functional and aesthetically,
as small as possible, but
big enough for different purpuse,
seperate monolithic,
together flexible,
easy to carry
and stable like a rock,

in this kind I try to build furniture,
which I never achieved perfectly,
whereat I am really happy.